Owing to the benefits, profits made and the indispensable uses of gift cards, gift card platforms are something everyone wants to venture into. For the ease of gift cards availability when needed and also for making people who are in possession of gift cards they do not need, have the options of trading for money or Bitcoins. Buying and selling of iTunes gift cards and other gift cards have taken over town.

However, many of us are aware that one major setback this business is confronted with, is how genuine and reliable are these various platforms for gift cards? How willing are these platforms going to prove their genuineness ?

Who Is Paxtradings?

“What platform do I use when I want to sell gift cards? What trusted platform do I use? Where do I buy gift cards? Why should I buy gift cards? How do I trade my cards for cash or Bitcoins? How do I get Bitcoins? Where do I buy Bitcoins? What platform is the best for gift cards?”

In answer to your never-ending questions, I present to you, Paxtradings as the answer to your Gift cards needs. It is a platform where you get to sell gift cards in Nigeria; iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Steam gift cards, Target gift cards etc. Here, you can sell your physical cards, E-codes, single big denomination cards and in return, get Naira, Bitcoins and Ethereum. Amaze balls, I tell you!


Should You Trust Paxtradings?

Have you been seeking a reliable place to sell your gift cards? Do you need a trusted platform for your gift cards? Or where to sell your gift cards without being scammed?

Known for its reliability, Paxtradings ensures you enjoy services with utmost satisfaction that leaves you awestruck. If your constant question has been where to get a reliable gift cards trading platform, here’s one to help you.


Without trying to sweet talk you, if you need a trading platform that gives you the best in terms of reliability and efficiency, IGC is here to satisfy you with these things. With IGC trading platform, getting cards at the best of rates is realistic. Since time is something that matters, you have no worries about getting paid or selling at a very fast speed.

No doubts, one major fear about getting involved in dealings of any sort, is the dishonesty about most platforms. But on IGC platform, we understand honesty is a good quality. Hence, cheating or scam is a distant echo on IGC platform.

WHAT IF I CAN’T TRUST Paxtradings?

Alright, for those with trust issues, Paxtradings has you in the plan. You want Escrow or PAXFUL? No problem. Paxtradings allows you make use of escrow to sell gift cards here. Yes, on Paxtradings, we offer Paxful dealings and also allow you make use of escrow services and access the groups.


This however, has its terms and conditions. But what business doesn’t have, anyway?


The Paxtradings has a rate calculator that shows you current rates at which your gift cards, iTunes, Amazon, Steam wallet, Walmart, Google play, Target, Nordstrom etc can be exchanged.



No doubts, being scammed online is not a new thing. If you ask me, I’d say scam is something really rampant and on the move these days. You can’t afford to be a victim,right?


On Paxtradings, selling iTunes and other gift cards will never pose to be a problem even at start. In contrast to other platforms that have terrible risks involved, bad rates and bad time speed; Paxtradings will go to any length to ensure you receive the best business treatments and ensure you get considerate rates.


You want the best service for your business dealings, don’t you? Then visit Paxtradings.com today. A trial is enough to convince you.

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